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Speaking of Spanish
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About the Class

Just like paella, Speaking of Spanish offers a variety of ingredients! Feel free to enjoy the following well-researched methods.

Students understand everything I say in Spanish because I set them up for success. I prep them with action activities and written language. The Spanish is on the board in one color and the English is in another color. Students cue me when they don’t understand. 

No pressure
Students speak when they are ready. By focusing on listening they can learn more than repeat-after-me methods. They may participate in short choral responses at any time. There are no tests or worksheets.

Personalized Questioning
Students talk about their favorite subject: themselves! This keeps conversation interesting as we learn about others through dialogues.

Students acquire verbs through action and repetition instead of memorizing lists. Using movement creates brain connections for retention.

When we hear things in context, we can organize them in a meaningful way. Everyone loves a good story. Students will have the opportunity to create class stories and tell their own when ready.  

Each semester a different Spanish novela is chosen. The novela uses only high frequency words. We translate, listen, listen, listen, and then listen to a native speaker. Finally we read out loud with success!